5S is a method for organising a workplace with the objective of improving workplace morale and efficiency. With proper organisation, things are easier to find, things going out of order iare easier to detect. Organisation also brings about standardisation and this builds a clear understanding of how work should be done and who is responsible for it.

1. Seiri (Sort)

Go through all the materials and equipments and keep only essential items. Everything else is stored or discarded.

2. Seiton ( Simplify )

Arrange the materials and equipments in an order that promotes work flow and eliminates unnecessary motion.

3. Seiso ( Sweep )

Keep the workplace clean as well as neat and restore everything to its designated place.

4. Seiketsu ( Standardise )

Standardise work practices so that everyone knows exactly what to do and their responsibilities.

5. Shitsuke ( Sustain )

Maintain and review standards to ensure the new way of operating is maintained.