Gathering VOC

There are various sources to gather VOC and it is important to select the appropriate tool to do so. Sources to gather VOC includes:

  • Survey: A broad approach to gather data from a larger group, usually done by mail, phone or internet
  • Focus Group: A small group of customers brought together to discuss or clarify issues in a face to face manner
  • Interview: One on one exchanges, either face to face or by phone
  • Customer Observation: Observe customers behaviour while they are using the product or service to determine the standards they expect
  • Mystery Shopper: A useful way used to determine actual performance
  • Interaction with customer during sales
  • Agents and resellers feedback
  • Market research on buying patterns and competitive analysis
  • Historical data (Customer complaints, product feedback, service calls, negotiations, etc)

The following matrix provides a general guide to help select an appropriate method to gather VOC.