Spaghetti Diagram

A Spaghetti diagram is a graphical tool used to depict the physical flow of work or material in a process. Its main purpose is to look for opportunities to move necessary process steps closer in location to one another that will benefit the process.

Steps to create a Spaghetti Diagram:

  1. Find or create a diagram of the workspace
  2. Mark the location where the first step of the process happens and draw an arrow from there to where the second step happens. Continue until you have mapped all process steps
  3. Discuss the final diagram with an aim towards improving the workflow
    • A complicated diagram with many lines indicates opportunities to simplify the process
    • If the lines cross each other, explore the possibility of rearranging the workspace to create a cleaner flow
    • If lines repeatedly come back to one location, see if the work performed there can be combined and performed at the same time